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Traffic Exchange Articles

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People who use Traffic Exchange sites do so to bring traffic to their websites. Traffic Exchange Sites are websites where you get page views of your own site in exchange for visiting others.

Traffic Exchange sites can be designed in many ways, with many different functions. There are 2 basic types of traffic exchanges available today:

1. Manual Traffic Exchange or manual surf exchange. In this type of exchange, you manually click through the other members websites or ads. This requires your input by clicking a button after a specified time period, generally 15, 20 or 30 seconds, although there are a few other variations. With manual surfing, the surfer is expected to view each site. Usually there is an anti-cheat method of some variety being used to insure that the system is not being cheated. Any Manual Traffic exchange that does not have an anti-cheat system is being cheated by many people.

2. Auto Traffic Exchange or auto surf exchange. This requires no input. This system is easier to use, but far less effective. In essence, it runs automatically with no effort on your part, changing websites or ads every so many seconds. Obviously, if you don't even need to look at it to have it work, chances are, people aren't viewing your ads either.

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