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[*] How do I get points?
Getting points is extremely easy - just open the 'start surfing' page, view each website for the time period, then follow the instructions to continue! For every website you view, you'll get 1 points. When other people view your website, you'll lose 1

[*] What happens if I run out of points?
If you have less than 1 point in your account, people will stop seeing your website. When you start surfing again, you'll start getting points and your site will be viewable again.

[*] How do I add a website?
You can add websites using the 'add' form on the bottom of your list of websites. If you have run out of slots, the form won't be there. Once you submit a website, the administrator will check your line to make sure it fits all the rules before activating it.

[*] What are the rules?
There are a few basic rules your site must follow before it can be let in. If your site doesn't fit these, it may be rejected. If you change your website after it has been activated, any user may report it.
  • Your website must contain no more than 2 popups
  • No websites that may cause disruption to the surfer's surfing experience
  • Your sites must not break out of frames
  • Your sites must be free from any pornographic material of any kind
  • Your sites must be free from any racist or socially harmful material
  • Your sites must be free from any illegal material such as pirated software (warez sites)
  • No websites that promote any sort of illegal activity such as pyramid schemes
  • No websites that link to any of the material described above
  • The website must be at least 90% in the English language
  • The website must be free from any viruses
[*] Can You remove my account?
Yes we can:
  • If your email address bounces.
  • If you are inactive for long periods of time (30 days).
  • If you have more than one account.
  • If you promote EM-Traffic.com on non English sites.
  • If you promote EM-Traffic.com on porno, illegal, racist or socially harmful sites.
  • If you promote EM-Traffic.com inside 0iFrames or on site with multiple iFrames.

[*] What can I earn through referrals?
Members will earn 20% of their direct referral earnings and 10% of their indirect referral level earnings.

[*] How can I refer other members?
You can advertise in any way you wish except for Spamming.

[*] What is my referral link?
Your personal referral link can be found on your personal "Promote" page.

[*] When can I request payment?
There is no need to request payment. All payouts are done automatically once per month ($1.00 minimum).

[*] How am I paid?
Payments are made via Payza (AlertPay) or BitCoin or PayPal.

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